What is globalanchor.org?
Global Anchor e.V. is a non-profit organization to promote Open Source Hydro Power. Please read our flyer "GlobalAnchor in a Nutshell" which is here available.

Why are you doing what you are doing?
According to the IEA, 1.5 billion people currently live without electricity in development countries, 85% of them in remote areas (Source: http://www.ruralelec.org/9.0.html). We believe that by developing small scale Hydro Power solutions and publishing them Open Source we help to empower people to satisfy their energy needs in a sustainable, cooperative and collaborative way.

Who are you?
Global Anchor is a network of engineers, designers, farmers, artists and everyone else who is interested in contributing to this community.

How do you fund the things you are doing?
At this moment Global Anchor depends 100% on donation and grants. So please help us and donate.

Can you help me building a hydro power plant?
Yes, we will provide technical help and consultancy, as soon our prototypes are running and the designs are published. Consultancy starts with a site assessment and could go much further than commissioning a finished machine. If you have a specific project already or a general question, please contact us at consulting [at] globalanchor.org and we will provide you with according information. Please also use our documentations, instructions and wiki pages to get as much information as possible for your project.

How much electricity can I get out of one hydro power plant?
The amount of energy you are able to get out of your hydro power plant depends on the site you are using. There are two inputs which define your energy output: One is the height, the other one is flow. The first machine we developed is designed for an output of 1 kW. We will provide a guide for site assessment in the open source hydro power wiki at picohydro.org.

When and where do you publish your design?
We are publishing all documentation files (designs, drawings, instructions, bill of materials etc.) when the first machine is manufactured, tested and running. Please refer to our road map when this will be the case. All this will be published on picohydro.org.

How can I contribute?
There are many ways to contribute to Global Anchor. You don't have to be an engineer or hydro power specialist. This project needs all kind of participation. Please send a mail to contribute [at] globalanchor.org for further information and check the GET INVOLVED page.